Contributing Input Files

As part of the development cycle, functional input files should be introduced into the repository in order to provide 1) testing, 2) examples of proper use of the code. The input files should be modulerized such that the majority of the input resides in a base file, and the variations in input are contained in specific files for integrated/smoke testing, and benchmarking. For example if we had a single input file named myProblem.xml, we would break it up into myProblem_base.xml, myProblem_smoke.xml`', and ``myProblem_benchmark.xml. Each of the smoke/benchark files should include the base file using an include block as follows:

  <File name="./myProblem_base.xml"/>

The files should be placed in the appropriate application specific subdirectory under the GEOS/inputFiles directory. For example, the beamBending problem input files reside in the inputFiles/solidMechanics directory. The files then be linked to from the appropriate location in the integratedTests repository as described in the following section.