Building GEOSX

Build steps

  • Create a host-config file that sets all system-specific CMake variables. Take a look at host-config examples. We recommend the same host-config is used for both TPL and GEOSX builds. In particular, certain options (such as ENABLE_MPI or ENABLE_CUDA) need to match between the two.

  • Provide paths to all enabled TPLs. This can be done in one of two ways:

    • Provide each path via a separate CMake variable (see Third-party dependencies for path variable names).

    • If you built TPLs from the tplMirror repository, you can set GEOSX_TPL_DIR variable in your host-config to point to the TPL installation path, and


      which will set all the individual TPL paths for you.

  • Configure via script:

    cd GEOSX
    python scripts/ --hostconfig=/path/to/host-config.cmake --buildtype=Release --installpath=/path/to/install/dir


    • --buildpath or -bp is the build directory (by default, created under current working dir).
    • --installpath or -ip is the installation directory(wraps CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX).
    • --buildtype or -bt is a wrapper to the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE option.
    • --hostconfig or -hc is a path to host-config file.
    • all unrecognized options are passed to CMake.

    If --buildpath is not used, build directory is automatically named build-<config-filename-without-extension>-<buildtype>. It is possible to keep automatic naming and change the build root directory with --buildrootdir. In that case, build path will be set to <buildrootdir>/<config-filename-without-extension>-<buildtype>. Both --buildpath and --buildrootdir are incompatible and cannot be used in the same time. Same pattern is applicable to install path, with --installpath and --installrootdir options.

  • Run the build:

    cd <buildpath>
    make -j $(nproc)

You may also run the CMake configure step manually instead of relying on A full build typically takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on chosen compilers, options and number of cores.

Configuration options

Below is a list of CMake configuration options, in addition to TPL options above. Some options, when enabled, require additional settings (e.g. ENABLE_CUDA). Please see host-config examples.

Option Default Explanation
ENABLE_MPI ON Build with MPI (also applies to TPLs)
ENABLE_OPENMP OFF Build with OpenMP (also applies to TPLs)
ENABLE_CUDA OFF Build with CUDA (also applies to TPLs)
ENABLE_DOCS ON Build documentation (Sphinx and Doxygen)
ENABLE_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS ON Treat all warnings as errors
ENABLE_PVTPackage ON Enable PVTPackage library (required for compositional flow runs)
ENABLE_TOTALVIEW_OUTPUT OFF Enables TotalView debugger custom view of GEOSX data structures
GEOSX_ENABLE_FPE ON Enable floating point exception trapping
GEOSX_LA_INTERFACE Hypre Choiсe of Linear Algebra backend (Hypre/Petsc/Trilinos)
GEOSX_BUILD_OBJ_LIBS ON Use CMake Object Libraries build
GEOSX_BUILD_SHARED_LIBS OFF Build geosx_core as a shared library instead of static
GEOSX_PARALLEL_COMPILE_JOBS   Max. number of compile jobs (when using Ninja), in addition to -j flag
GEOSX_PARALLEL_LINK_JOBS   Max. number of link jobs (when using Ninja), in addition to -j flag
GEOSX_INSTALL_SCHEMA ON Enables schema generation and installation