Python Tools

Python Tools Setup

The preferred method to setup the GEOSX python tools is to run the following command in the build directory:

make geosx_python_tools

This will attempt to install the required packages into the python distribution indicated via the Python3_EXECUTABLE cmake variable (also used by pygeosx).

If the user does not have write access for the target python distribution, the installation will attempt to create a new virtual python environment (Note: this requires that the virtualenv package be installed). If any package dependencies are missing, then the install script will attempt to fetch them from the internet using pip. After installation, these packages will be available for import within the associated python distribution, and a set of console scripts will be available within the GEOSX build bin directory.

Alternatively, these packages can be installed manually into a python environment using pip:

cd GEOSX/src/coreComponents/python/modules/geosx_mesh_tools_package
pip install --upgrade .

cd ../geosx_xml_tools_package
pip install --upgrade .

# Etc.